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A Different Type Of Martial Arts School

In the end, I want you to remember one thing, the most important thing we want to impart to our students: Attitude is everything. Attitude trumps skill, beats good looks, is more valuable than money, and is more relevant to what real ‘self-defense’ is than any kick, punch, block, arm-bar, or escape we could ever —and will ever —teach. Gratitude, respect, humility, compassion for others, and kindness, make these the real lessons we teach, insert them in everything, in every interaction, and most of all, be a shining example of them. That’s what we do here. That’s our mission.

Welcome Home!

Our Dojo (school) is located at 119 Seaboard Lane in Franklin TN. You can reach us by calling or texting 615-425-6554, SKYPE us at “FamilyFirstMA”, find us on Facebook HERE, or send us an email HERE anytime you want. We teach anyone who has a heart for learning – and we feel we do it as well (and we think better) than anyone in town. Below you will find some information that will help you see what we do and decide if Family First Martial Arts is the right place for you and your family. The next step is to drop in or phone us, text us your number, send us a note on SKYPE, and feel free to ask us any questions we might not have yet answered. After that, feel free to either come watch a class and/or make an appointment for our 1 week Introductory Course. Once you and your child have gone through our introductory (like test-driving a car), you’ll know just about everything you need to know about us, including who is teaching, what’s being taught, and how much to budget for lessons.

Why Family First?

There are many great martial art schools in our community and each has a unique benefit. However, we pride ourselves on teaching students to be well-rounded mixed martial artists by cross-training in stand-up, take-downs, ground work and street self-defense. We believe individuals “defend themselves with their head,” and that knowledge and education are the ultimate forms of self-defense (next to kindness and contribution to others). If you’re looking for a martial arts school that emphasizes all the best things about the martial arts, welcome home.

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