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Project “I am”

[shadowed_600 img=””] Project I Am [/shadowed_600] [two_three] [heading size=”3″ style=”stripes”] The Vision [/heading] [framed_right img=””] Obama, Ashley Olson, Justin Biber Magazing Cover [/framed_right] In todays society, we are forced to look at so many things that tell us what or who we should be, what we should look like and how to act towards people around us. TV, Magazines and the Internet have us focusing so hard on what we are not that we begin to lose who we are. Project “I Am” is path to finding the person you are and who you really want to be.
Our goal with this program is to rebuild the broken walls of self respect and give you the confidence and reassurance that with vision and attitude, ANYTHING is possible [break] [heading size=”3″ style=”stripes”] Getting Back to Self Respect [/heading] [framed_left img=””] Who Am I [/framed_left] For 12 weeks we will have a series of character traits such as “Strong, Compassionate, Brave, Humble, Respectful” & many others and give examples of ways to live that trait. Students will journal about their experience and find new areas of self discovery by stepping out of their comfort zone and living for themselves and not how society says they should live.

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