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Kindness First

[shadowed_600 img=””] Kindness First Banner [/shadowed_600] [two_three] [heading size=”3″ style=”stripes”] What is an Act Ok Kindness [/heading] An Act of Kindness is anything done for someone elses benefit without the expectation of appreciation or reward. To be kind because its the right thing to do.

It is our belief that being kind and respectful is a habit. Its a skill that with practice, can become as natural as breathing. We incorporate acts of kindness into our curriculum by having our students document any act of kindness as part of their rank requirements. By the time a student makes it to black belt they will have hundreds, maybe thousands of random acts of kindness. Now THAT is using martial arts to make REAL change in our community and has more to do with REAL self defense than any kick, punch or throw.

[heading size=”3″ style=”stripes”] Community Service [/heading] [framed_left img=””] UBBT [/framed_left]Once a habit of compassion and generosity is formed, we what to cultivate a vision to see how we can serve others by using the skills we learn in the DOJO (martial arts school). Community service is a great way for our students to take the leadership skills, respect and compassion they learn inside the school and create change in their schools, home, community or even the world. Out of the Dojo and into the world! See our Project portfolio for the types of project being done by our students, staff and family members.