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Intelligent Curriculum

What is Intelligent Curriculum


Proactive, not Reactive

Todays “Martial Arts School” needs to be dealing with bigger issues then just how to defend against an attacker. Sure you are going to learn how to defend against someone trying to hurt you. You will develop many skills over time that could potentially keep you from harm IF you are EVER attacked. And let me tell you, thats a REALLY BIG IF.

We look at the world around us and see so many other forms of “attacks” that require an intelligent approach to defense. We take self defense to a whole new level and teach you how to deal with the issues that attack you on a DAILY basis. Below are just some of the topics we take on and teach as self defense in our school. We truly hope it serves you well.
Bully Prevention
A page dedicated to giving you the tools to identify bullying and how to stand up against it.
Kindness First
A page dedicated to the simple act of being kind and compassionate. Like any skill, it takes practice to make it habit. This page will give you inspiration and resources to keep track pour onto your community the kindness you are called to do.
Diabetes Awareness
Diabetes in our nation is on the rise especially Juvenile Diabetes. We believe with a proper diet and staying active it is possible to reduce and eventually prevent diabetes. Here are some resources…
Project “I AM”
A 12 week program for self discovery and enlightenment. Focus on 12 different life characteristics and live your week to your fullest potential..