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About Family First

Family First Martial Arts is an innovative and cutting edge martial arts school gaining popularity quickly in Franklin, TN.   A modern mixed martial arts curriculum incorporating many styles, such as Goju-Shorei, Muay Thai Boxing, Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Goju-Shorei Ju Jitsu.   With a focus on leadership, bully prevention, diabetes awareness, acts of kindness, community projects, the list goes on…  Come try a FREE class and see the difference!

Family First Martial Arts Training Centers is a martial arts school designed and run by adults – who understand they are helping parents. We cultivate a love of movement and exercise in our students. We coach them in personal safety, from bullying to food to attitude to family to community; we do it subtly and we do it directly. Most importantly we teach kids to take what they learn in our dojo (school) and put it to work in their lives.

We offer price ranges for tuition that will fit any budget. We do NOT practice aggressive or offensive sales methods or in any way treat our students with anything but the utmost respect.

We coach, we educate, we inspire, we empower, and we care for our young students to the best of our abilities. We have a clean, handsome, and functional school –and an extensive family-friendly on-line campus to support all of our classroom activities.

Questions? Reach us at 615-425-6554. We are on SKYPE at FamilyFirstMA.

Maybe you know this already, but in case you don’t, allow us to explain: In the last decade or two, the martial arts have taken a 100 year leap. Television, the Internet, the ease of international travel, and an eruption of interest in all things martial arts has made “what style” a school teaches a far less telling or important thing than it used to be.

Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Savate, Judo, and all other arts are, quite literally, “brand names” and —fortunately —education, good ideas, and sound practices don’t know what brand names are. So, we teach an eclectic mix of the best things we know, have studied, and believe in.

If you’re an experienced practitioner and you’re looking for a specific kind of training, please call our front desk and we’ll connect you with our head instructor. If you’re a beginner or the parent of a beginner, we’d like you to appreciate that our “style” is based on sound, traditional martial arts. What we think is most important is the way our staff teaches. We’ll tell you we’re fantastic teachers, but the best way to see exactly what we do in our classroom is to take us up on our offer of a week-long introductory course.

The “Introductory” isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a genuine hands-on way to see how our team interacts with your child, what we do, physically, with young people, and to hear precisely what kind of ideas we’re talking with them about.

Our phone # is 615-425-6554. Or Email Us HERE