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[framed_right img=””] title [/framed_right]No im not talking about Facebook friends. Im talking about long lasting true friendship. It has been said that a person can measure their worth by the company they keep. When you surround yourself with people that dont enrich your life in any way you rob yourself of experiencing the joy of true friendship. A “friend” will inspire you to become greater then you are.. they will brighten your day even in the darkest of times. They will never ask more then they give in return and will be there for you to celebrate your successes or when you need a kick in the pants with brutal honesty.

Life is all about the journey and most importantly, who we experience that journey with. Being an amazing friend to someone is an important part of those experiences and personally their is no better feeling than adding to someone else’s journey. So choose carefully when adopting friends. Quality far outweighs quantity. Remember that those who you CHOOSE to surround yourself will impart themselves on your life both good and the bad and will undoubtably expect you to step up and do the same. Remember.. truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget and are the family we choose for ourselves.


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