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Happy Thanksgiving

[heading size=”3″ style=”stripes”] Through the Open Door [/heading] [two_three] Thanksgiving is a day where we all sit back and take measure of the things we are most thankful for in our lives. I know for one, I am most thankful for my wife, who completes all that I am. My family is the most important thing to me, which is why I named our school Family First. About 7 years ago I met my current instructor and he taught me the importance of family and how it’s the people we surround ourselves that add to the flavor of life. In fact thats the meaning of the kanji in our logo and the “motto” of the Goju-Shorei System “People who teach and train together become family”.

It’s within this ideology that the Goju-Shorei System, Family First Martial Arts and myself finds strength. When amazing people walk through the open door of your life, do all that you can to honor them and keep them. Personally, I am a habitual family collector. If I like you enough… I keep you and you become a part of a growing group of amazing people who I now call my family. They all add to my life in unspeakable ways, ways that make every day a pleasure to live. I have added brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. I have clung to two that I now call Mom and Dad and I treasure them as if they were my own blood. I have even collected that cousin that you don’t talk to much… but he’s twice removed. The point is that family is a gift. God has brought many into mine, and I am so very thankful for everyone of them.

So as you celebrate today and all that you are thankful for, I simple ask, who has walked through your open door? The people in your life that are worth the most are the ones that bring you the most joy. Surround yourself with people that make you smile often, laugh out loud, cry only tears of joy and on occasion make your milk come out of your nose. Its these special gems that make you a better person, hold you accountable and will never let you fall.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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