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The Power of WHY

[heading size=”3″ style=”stripes”]The Power of WHY[/heading] [framed_left img=””] title [/framed_left] I remember it very clearly. I was 8 and in second grade. My mom had just returned home from a parent teacher conference and my teacher Mrs. Page, had told my mom that I wasn’t doing as well in class as she thought I could. She added that she knew I was very bright but seemed hesitant to ask questions. As a result my grade were starting to drop. I thought my mom was going to get upset but instead, she told me something that has stuck with me ever since. “There are two types of people in this world, Larry, ones who seek knowledge and those who wait for knowledge. The difference between them is those who seek, find knowledge and those who wait for it are still waiting.” Ok, so I was 8 and really didn’t know the point of the story and clarification was needed but for some reason the story just stuck. It wasn’t until I was older that it really started to take hold of me. I realized the power of “Why”. The simple act of a question yields returns that are invaluable. I think of all the amazing things in our history that have come and gone and how they could have only started with a question. Imagine if the original 13 American colonies never questioned the Stamp Act of 1765, which imposed taxation without representation from the King of England and brought on the Revolutionary War. Would we still be a British Nation? What if Susan B. Anthony never questioned the rights of a woman or Martin Luther King never questioned if all men could indeed be equal? The point is that some of the greatest achievements in our society have been brought about by a simple question and then the conviction to find the answer and if no answer was available, they made one. [break] [framed_right img=””] title [/framed_right] Questions inspire action. In fact they demand it. It requires one to be proactive in the pursuit of self-improvement and has the power to change the world. I was 8 and afraid to ask questions because to ask implies that I didn’t know. I think back now and wonder how much further I could have been, who else may have grown from my questions and what profound impact I may have had on my school, city, state or even the world if I would have just had the courage to ask the questions in my mind. [break] As a Martial Artist I live and breathe in the realm of “Why”. Without questions we are all simply followers trusting methods designed centuries ago by others who asked questions. We have to find our own answers and reasons today so that we may have something of substance to pass on to those who ask questions from us. It’s a responsibility of every student to ask our own questions and stay educated and informed about the world around us. Karl Marx said it best when he said “Question Everything”. But don’t stop until you get your answers!

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